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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in mr. hashi//'s LiveJournal:

Friday, October 3rd, 2014
October 3rd, 2014

Current Mood: horny
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Monday, December 3rd, 2007
December 3rd, 2007
God's not on my side D;
First LJ entry in CENTURIES. My newest one will make up for the few months I've been away , prepare for a loooong rant. ^^ 

I experienced skiving for the first time, believe me it's no fun at all. My heart is telling me to complete my work and settle at school but my head is leading me to believe that school is a waste of time and homework is pointless. Nowadays all I seem to be doing is watching K-dramas,Myspace and TV. I subside from the likes of school and give in to all these electronic pleasures. My mother was so furious with me she couldn't even look me in the eyes when she sent me off to school ; I started to feel a little guilty when I heard her half sobbing half yelling at me.

And now I've been given the option of changing schools. My laziness has gotten so out of hand that my parent's seem to think I need to be in a firmer educational environment,other than shitty Burntwood and I agree whole heartedly :] However I don't think they quite realise my distaste for the school they'd like me to transfer to and now I feel like I'm stuck on a pedestal and I can't get down. If I could have my own way I'd be living alone or with my Grandmother on the opposite edge of the planet,somewhere in East-Asia but unfortunately, dreams don't come true. It doesn't help that God/Buddha doesn't like me at all. ;_;

Current Mood: cynical
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Monday, September 24th, 2007
September 24th, 2007

life sucks balls.
why can't i be a kid,i hatehatehate school with a passion. what's the point in it? i mean education could be learnt from home or something,or like they should make the days shorter.
i just can't handle it >___<
it sucks that my sister can't be here to give her voice of reason,why does she have to be in university?
i miss her so ;~;

why can't mum let me live with my grandma?!
it's sooo unfair i know i'd

a)work my socks off with my homework
b)learn to be a 'good decentkid' instead of playing the 'moody middle child' role in my household.
c)get to travel with her to these awesome countries like the states and china etc. XDXD
d)learn to be a bit more independant

geez why can't mum gimme a break huh?
she alwaysalways diminishes my opinion without giving it a chance.
she's sucha cow >___<

Current Mood: annoyed
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Wednesday, September 12th, 2007
September 12th, 2007

i'm so god damn paranoid.
i keep thinking everyone's talking about me,like saying things behind my back-like i think i heard this chav in my class accuse me of being a lesbian [EVEN though she's fucking fatfatfattt!] and i wouldn't friggin' touch her with a barge pole even if i were a lesbian,honestly the kids at my school are so bloomin' full of themselves!
but then i realised she was insinuating it was this blatant dyke in my class]. but still,it's like i'm hearing imaginary voices in my head.

+ like in english today we were doing 'free writing'.
i had to write about freedom so i started off about slavery freedom but then i started rambling about how school's a prison and no-one gives me the chance for freedom of speech and how i feel obliged to keep my mouth shut and just sit quietly and listen but i don't have the chance too & how i should find the easy way out of life..and some more random shit.

i keep kidding myself that i'm gonna be a child physciatrist when i'm older.well FAT chance,i think i may need some therapy liek seriously
i'm sucha freak.
as much as i hate to admit it,i think i may be turning slightly emo with my ways of thinking. i mean i've even started writing deep poems :|
it's really quite worrying.


Current Mood: worried
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Tuesday, September 4th, 2007
September 4th, 2007
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

is the above pic just the cutest thing ever?!  seriously asian kids are so friggin' adorable! i'm so adopting some when i'm older ^^

still  trying to get the knack of lj,it's a tough adjustment from myspace i have to say.

could anyone help me with uploading moving pics?

Current Mood: artistic
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