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God's not on my side D;

First LJ entry in CENTURIES. My newest one will make up for the few months I've been away , prepare for a loooong rant. ^^ 

I experienced skiving for the first time, believe me it's no fun at all. My heart is telling me to complete my work and settle at school but my head is leading me to believe that school is a waste of time and homework is pointless. Nowadays all I seem to be doing is watching K-dramas,Myspace and TV. I subside from the likes of school and give in to all these electronic pleasures. My mother was so furious with me she couldn't even look me in the eyes when she sent me off to school ; I started to feel a little guilty when I heard her half sobbing half yelling at me.

And now I've been given the option of changing schools. My laziness has gotten so out of hand that my parent's seem to think I need to be in a firmer educational environment,other than shitty Burntwood and I agree whole heartedly :] However I don't think they quite realise my distaste for the school they'd like me to transfer to and now I feel like I'm stuck on a pedestal and I can't get down. If I could have my own way I'd be living alone or with my Grandmother on the opposite edge of the planet,somewhere in East-Asia but unfortunately, dreams don't come true. It doesn't help that God/Buddha doesn't like me at all. ;_;
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