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i'm so god damn paranoid.
i keep thinking everyone's talking about me,like saying things behind my back-like i think i heard this chav in my class accuse me of being a lesbian [EVEN though she's fucking fatfatfattt!] and i wouldn't friggin' touch her with a barge pole even if i were a lesbian,honestly the kids at my school are so bloomin' full of themselves!
but then i realised she was insinuating it was this blatant dyke in my class]. but still,it's like i'm hearing imaginary voices in my head.

+ like in english today we were doing 'free writing'.
i had to write about freedom so i started off about slavery freedom but then i started rambling about how school's a prison and no-one gives me the chance for freedom of speech and how i feel obliged to keep my mouth shut and just sit quietly and listen but i don't have the chance too & how i should find the easy way out of life..and some more random shit.

i keep kidding myself that i'm gonna be a child physciatrist when i'm older.well FAT chance,i think i may need some therapy liek seriously
i'm sucha freak.
as much as i hate to admit it,i think i may be turning slightly emo with my ways of thinking. i mean i've even started writing deep poems :|
it's really quite worrying.


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