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i'm so god damn paranoid.
i keep thinking everyone's talking about me,like saying things behind my back-like i think i heard this chav in my class accuse me of being a lesbian [EVEN though she's fucking fatfatfattt!] and i wouldn't friggin' touch her with a barge pole even if i were a lesbian,honestly the kids at my school are so bloomin' full of themselves!
but then i realised she was insinuating it was this blatant dyke in my class]. but still,it's like i'm hearing imaginary voices in my head.

+ like in english today we were doing 'free writing'.
i had to write about freedom so i started off about slavery freedom but then i started rambling about how school's a prison and no-one gives me the chance for freedom of speech and how i feel obliged to keep my mouth shut and just sit quietly and listen but i don't have the chance too & how i should find the easy way out of life..and some more random shit.

i keep kidding myself that i'm gonna be a child physciatrist when i'm older.well FAT chance,i think i may need some therapy liek seriously
i'm sucha freak.
as much as i hate to admit it,i think i may be turning slightly emo with my ways of thinking. i mean i've even started writing deep poems :|
it's really quite worrying.


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If their talking `bout chuu, then get sweet revenge.<3
I hate free writing! >< I have no writing skills whatsoever...

Poems are cool though. ;3
owh man,i wish i had the nerve to ask them straight up. i'm sucha god damn wimp :[
i've got such bitches in my school,i hate it!
haha revenge is sweet but i'm buddhist and i'm supposed to forgive and forget...ah fuck it.
any ideas how? hehe.

omfg, i LOVE free-writing sososo much!
i mean it just gives you the chance to express yourself,jotting down everything and anything that comes to mind even if your pissed you can swear and take out all your frustrations. english class is super fun,we get to shout out my anger all at the same time so it just sounds like my class is screaming nonsense haha.
I don`t wanna say that it "sucks" to forgive and forget...but it does! D; I`m sorry...
I have noooo ideas in my head right now. xD

See, that`s what I can`t do. I don`t have a good imagination and I`m not smart. D8